Western Region Soccer League

Discipline Schedule

Please be advised of the following scheduled hearing nights

Only a Team or Club Official may request a hearing by forwarding an email to secretary.wrsl@gmail.com acknowledging the game and offence being appealed. 

Click on for Appeal Form PDF, Appeal Form DOC

Must be completed
You will then be provided with a time and date to attend a hearing.
Hearings will be held at the relevant District office or advised otherwise.

Hearings dates for the 2022 season are "to be determined". 

All notifications to attend a hearing will be forwarded via email from a WRSL Board Member. 

Any party required to attend a hearing may request one (1) postponement of a hearing. The party must submit a written request which must be received by the Governing Organization no later than four (4) days prior to the date of the hearing, stating the reason for the requesting the postponement. All such request must be accompanied by the correct fee in the form of a recorded payment. Should the request be denied, the fee shall be refunded. The Governing Organization shall have full discretion to refund the "Request For Postponement Fee" if sufficient reason warrants such action. 

An advisor is a person 18 years of age or older who provides advice to any party required to attend a Discipline Hearing including the Panel and may not act as a witness not provide any testimony at the Discipline Hearing. They may not question the competence of the Match Official(s) and may questions a witness for clarification purposes only. 

Each party required to attend a Discipline Hearing as well as the Governing Organization hearing the case, is entitled to bring witnesses. Witnesses must appear in person. Written reports by witnesses are not acceptable. There is no limit to the number of witnesses allowed, but they must add new testimony and the Discipline Panel can restrict the testimony of witnesses if the testimony given becomes repetitious. 

All parties have the right to receive within 48 hours upon submitting a request to the Governing Organization, a copy of the Report(s) of Misconduct and all documents which will be considered by the Discipline Hearing Panel.